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Brenizer Method workshop – after- effects

Less than a week ago came to visit us a great photographer from Siena that had participated with us to a fabulous Wedding Workshop organized by Mauro Pozzer. The Siena’s photographer is Roberto Panciatici and it’s worth to give a look to his personal web-site and his Facebook page.

He stayed with us for a week-end, we had bonded in such a wonderful way when we met on the Lago Maggiore that in those few days we spent 48 hours confronting work experiences, experiments, exchanging information and tips and obviously playing as real photographers do.

Among the various information he gave us he initiated us to a technique we hadn’t studied before: the Brenizer Method that goes by the name of the “inventor”.

It’s an interesting technique used when taking photos of panoramas that allows to reach a very narrow depth of field impossible to reach with the conventional methods: aperture of 0.28 and more! The results are incredible, it’s not easy at all and I’m at my first attempts, but as soon as I’ll master this method I will be able to amaze newlyweds, businesses, families and everybody else.

I started some days ago, getting info on blogs and watching videos and ever since there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t bothered Annalisa to come with me on trips to the hillside and took some photos with her. Obviously I had to involve my family as well so two of my nephews posed for me.. well, they ran and moved all the time but with a bit of calm I managed to photograph those wonderful little devils.

So my friends, I have a new obsession that doesn’t make stay still and there is more to that, but I will tell you later on…

Maybe next time!

For now I leave you with some of my better attempts, my pride, for now .

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