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Children lifestyle photo shooting

Making an outdoor photo shooting is a bit more complicated than doing it in the studio.
It isn’t that it is not possible to do it, and I must say that I am very happy with the result, but a lifestyle photo shoot (or almost) involves a considerable waste of time and energy.

A lifestyle photo shoot includes more images at different times of the day. But having to respect the privacy due to a family, I show you only these portraits.

The primary intention of “lifestyle photography” is to capture portraits of their subjects in less constructed situations as possible, as if it were a photographic reportage.
A photographic service, therefore, dedicated to the person – or the family – and not to the story.
For these two little girls, on holiday in Tuscany but coming literally from the other side of the world, I made an exception; instead of photographing them only in the studio, I went to work at their grandparents’ house, providing a little more time.
They convinced me to do so by calling me “Uncle”, and I must say that if I played well, indeed very well; two intelligent and very beautiful little girls, with two characters and two ways of being poles apart, very funny.
I spent almost an entire afternoon with them, between swimming pool, snack and painting with the idea that showing their photographs to friends busy sheltering from the wind and cold southern winter, will provoke not a little envy!
When the RIGHT light arrived to get THAT special portrait, everything happened in a few moments .. they were two perfect models!

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