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Gipsy Wedding – A special engagement

A special engagement – Party at the Gipsy camp

Last Friday I was invited to a Gipsy engagement party within their community in Coltano.

In this case I got the chance to get close to a reality completely different from the wedding ceremonies that I usually follow: it has never happened to me to be called to make a photo shoot of an engagement party less than this I have never had the chance to photograph the Gipsy camp.

The area was created as a stop –camp at the beginning of the ‘90s with the purpose to accommodate travelling nomad families, with the accessibility to water and hygienic services. Initially it gathered a lot of Gipsy families that come from other precarious installations of the province. In 2002, on the wave of the new regional law for Gipsy people – that contemplates a plan of housing settlement for all the Gipsies that lived in barracks and caravans – the city project “Città sottili” began. The project originates from the idea that all the Gipsy groups in the Pisa territory don’t travel anymore, so it seemed licit to eliminate all the non-permanent camps and substitute them with real accommodations.

I went with Dania and Annalisa to the camp and we were welcomed with loads of smiles and a huge group of kids!

As soon as we arrived, to fight the embarrassment of the “first time”, I immediately started to photograph, getting along with lots of the women that were part of Anumshe’s crew, the bride-to-be that I’ve known for a long time.

Thanks to her brother Sultan I managed to move easily inside houses, in the settlement and to understand the rituality of that day, dedicated to the engagement of Anumshe and her French broom-to-be Slobodan: it got my attention that it was her brother and not her father to give away Anumshe to Slobodan.

The day after Anumshe’s cousin was going to get married and in the photos you can see Anumshe with her red dress that is custom to wear on the day of the engagement and Serjan with the white dress as a fiancée.

Without Sultan’s help I wouldn’t have participated enough: the comprehension of the language of Sanskrit origins is practically impossible for me and the verbal communication couldn’t be missed.

I wonderful day absolutely unforgettable, dedicated to culture and traditions that I had the fortune to live.

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