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Newborn Images: Federico!

There are long and way too hot summer days here.

Retreating into the house becomes the only salvation, especially when the task is a photo shoot.

Working becomes a unique pleasure when you know that a newly “landed on Earth” creature is coming: he is only 24 days old and he is the bundle of joy of his mum and dad, both enthusiast and nice.

I get to know Federico, mum and dad, 2 glasses of water, a baby bottle, a lovely chat, a bit of snuggles for little Federico and… we are ready!

Mini took care of the layout for the pictures, bringing beautiful salad, green beans (that we hadn’t had the time to use) and some wooden boxes.

A wonderful creature with a blue bow lands on mum’s veil: as the most precious gift, surprising mum and dad who were happy and enjoying the game.

The little one was a real angel, not an easy thing when photographing such young babies; he was reassured by mum’s cuddles and a happy and calm dad.

The beautiful and difficult part of the game arrived when we decided to experiment an alternative set, with the amazement of mum Ilenia and dad Luigi: we put Federico in a salad cradle. “Fresh of the day!”

It’s a common saying in Italy that kids are found under cabbage: at Liviofotografie you can find them comfortably set on salad!!

Let’s say that it took a couple of attempts and a bit of snuggles for a really relaxed and relaxant result!

Inevitable, in front of so much love, the family portrait where mum and dad’s hugs frame the calm nap of a peaceful baby that rests in the safest place: between the thrilled hearts of his happy parents.


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