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Portrait photographer | tuscany

I was primarily born as a portrait photographer. The stories that are hidden in the folds of a smile, and the lies in the eyes of a person are by far one of my greatest passions.

Expressions, looks, posture communicate all of a person to which you can just add a voice, the sound of which, however, can not be stopped in time with a photograph.

A few months ago I started taking pictures as a joke to the friends who came to visit me in the studio here in Pisa for a coffee, a chat or lunch before returning to work: surprised portraits, none of them were prepared to get involved under the light of my Bowens.

To surprise my guests has meant that I could grasp them in the world they were immersed up to the moment before, they had almost no time to realize what was happening or to pose. In those eyes, on those sometimes tightened sometimes smiling lips, I was able to capture the flavor of their lives from which they weren’t out completely before entering the studio: some have deep looks, others have shadows of self-doubt in their eyes, some show their problems, others have flooded the image with a smile of joy of which their heart was overflowing.

I chose a lighten mood and a black and white post-production which I then used in all the photographs to give consistency to the series that you can see in full at this link and some of which will be exposed at the Giovanni Allegrini’s shop in Borgo Stretto, Pisa.

But I have not finished yet, I have just been a little busy.

Enjoy everyone, until the next one!

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