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Style Wedding Workshop with Mauro Pozzer

The participants to this wedding  workshop were fifteen. Ages from 25 to 60 and from all over Italy.

DAY ONE: “Fortune is genius that meets opportunity,  foolishness is to let it get away”

I left Pisa with Annalisa and Dania, we arrived slightly late, we spent the first part of the day in the “classroom” and then we spent an intense afternoon of knowledge and orientation, observing Mauro’s photographic eye while he was immortalizing two model newlyweds.

At lunch time they divided us participants among 5 tables, creating groups: at dinner time we decided to “stay united” creating one table full of colors, ideas, experiences and humanity.

We spent the night at the table, eating and drinking Spritz aperitifs before and after dinner, getting to know each other and all the different mixes possible among Spritz, beer and Sambuca with the coffee bean.

Slowly all the participants started to leave until I, Annalisa, Pozzer and another photographer from Siena, Roberto Panciatici, took a “photographic trip” by night: a bit at the hotel and a bit on the Lake Maggiore, taking photographs, photographing ourselves and pushing each other to see what we are made of.

An unforgettable night.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face and full of curiosity.

DAY TWO: “To become better photographers we have to become better people.”

At meeting in the classroom in the morning, even though I was a tired for the few hours slept, I was animated by a new enthusiasm. The day continued on the Fishermen’s Island, a striking island in the middle of the lake where we tried to put to work all the advices and expedients that we grasped at Pozzer’s lessons: other three models were booked for the day, four hours shooting and more challenges, sharing, comparisons but never competition.

Destroyed by the long day we had dinner on the island, with our inevitable Spritz aperitifs – elected prince drinks of the workshop – and afterwards we couldn’t miss out on new photo-experiments, this time all together and later on we left to get back on mainland: we had to choose ten photos for a presentation in class the day after.

DAY THREE: “Realism is the shortest road to mediocrity. There is whom thinks that will make it and whom thinks that won’t make it, usually they are both right.”

The morning after, more tired than the day before for the few hours slept, I present myself in the classroom with my experiments: the day before I voluntarily left my wonderful flash lights in my bag, I had some new experiments I wanted Mauro to comment.

Once we ate lunch we went back in the room for a final reunion, commenting the intensity of the experience professional-wise and relational-wise, Pozzer actively participated at the discussion and afterwards he showed us some movies extracts:

La tigre e la neve

Carpe diem

The Pursuit of Happiness 

By then our motivations were profusely refreshed, our dreams and our human side.

Tear drops, lots of smiles, hugs, a last group picture and we said goodbye being different people from when we arrived 72 hours before.

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