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Wedding anniversary in Pisa

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a dream customer: a person who was respectful of my work, who was able to listen to my advices and to appreciate them and who let me tell him my vision of things.

It was a short photo shoot but a great experience – for me – that I strongly would like it to be endless, just to be surrounded by professional pleasure…
but Kyohey and Ryoko had to go back home: they are Japanese, but every year for their anniversary they choose to gift themselves with an elopement and a photo shooting, using the same clothes of their honeymoon.
They had clear ideas about what to do and what to do not (poses and the images’ formality are not my choice), and the proverbial Japanese confidentiality was hard to overcome: sometimes I even managed to see a smile while I was photographing them; but it was possible instead to be carried away by a pleasant conversation or to tell a joke and by the way we also played around somehow.
Perhaps they understood how great is the passion that drives me, and they let themselves play with me.
Perhaps we have truly became friends.

I planned to meet them on Wednesday evening, as far as I was free: I proposed to drive the to Lucca and they accepted happily, while they made clear that they were not ready to be photographed yet.
It was an excellent opportunity to become more familiar with each other, eating together the traditional Lucca dishes and feeling under my skin that city again (Lucca is still in my heart).

Thursday, from dawn and for the next 4 hours, we had a walk around the center of Pisa, having a break every time the scenario invited us to do so.
After a short breakfast in Dolce Pisa in Via Santa Maria, we entered the Rossi Theater (I will never cease to thank my “contacts in Havana” for allowing me to take pictures inside once again).
Friday morning we had a 3 hours-photo shoot in the two amazing green spots in Pisa, the University Botanical Garden and the San Rossore Natural Park, while a light rain followed through, but happy to be still able to do something more.
In the end, even if my back and legs were sore, I found myself happy to had faced these busy and tiring days, with the awareness of having all my goals achieved.
Innumerable messages full of gratitude made me understand that my work was appreciated, as well as the management of the human side of a very intimate photo shoot.
To thank me once again, Kyohey and Ryoko showed their willingness to grant me the right to publish.
I appreciated it very much, convinced that I did my best to let them see the best part of Pisa!

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