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Wedding photography Lucca: photos with relatives

wedding photography Lucca: the thorny matter of photos with relatives

Last week I have welcomed in my studio and got to know a young and bright couple that would like my services for their wedding.

We immediately found ourselves in tune for the photographic style, for the narrative approach that I chose for my work and not to be too much “in the middle”: the posed photography is a 2% of the photo shoot that I carry out for weddings BUT… there is a BUT.

When I talked to them about the pictures with relatives I have instantly realized that I have touched a thorny matter: the photos with family and friends are absolutely unavoidable. The reasons are multiple, first among all, to avoid that guests will spend all day with their cameras in their hand, looking for the perfect memory shoot with the newlyweds instead of participating and enjoying at its best the wedding party… not to mention parents, grandmas, uncles and aunts and friends that would make an international case on missing in the pictures!

To solve this problem, that often is an inconvenience for the couple but often is a necessity for the guests, I have developed a quick and painless method: 20 minutes and it’s all done (almost like the PIC commercial: “…done already?”)!

As I did at the last wedding I worked, my method consists in bringing a 750 Watts torch with its lamp stand and remote control, I set up a stage using a small area I chose earlier on and I attract the attention of all guests, I get them to pose with the newlyweds one by one, couple by couple, group by group until everyone is satisfied. How long does it take? 20 minutes! You just have to have a good eye to find the perfect spot where you can combine the natural light with the flash torch.

The studio equipment allows a uniform and nice result, in a short period of time. Surely I have to bring it with me but the result… you judge!

Here are some photos from the backstage and some results.

Write to you soon!


wedding photography Lucca: the thorny matter of photos with relatives

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