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Wedding picures in Lucca

For the Sun’s festival I have followed Isabella and Francesco’s wedding, a bubbly and funny couple that asked me a pure reportage photo shoot.

In the early evening we met Isabella at her hairdresser and we found her with a towel over her head slightly late on schedule but with her usual smile, quick talk and self-confidence that distinguish her. It didn’t take me long to gang up with the girls while Isabella was taken care of, among laughter and joy, I started to take some pictures.

Meanwhile I sent Dania and Annalisa to photograph Francesco he was over his parent’s house almost ready: even though with him it was hard to fail, the good girls did some beautiful shots

We met again over Isabella’s house for her dress up, which happened in her “misses” room, full of objects, memories and collectables of any kind: while the corsage was tighten up for I moment I didn’t understand if she was becoming green for the excitement or because she was breathless and with her proverbial irony she washed away any doubt saying, as soon as she put it on she had no air to breathe! Funny Isabella.

I slided into the Volkswagen T1 (I hit my head on the roof so many times…) that they rented and we flew to the San Piero a Grado Basilica where we arrived some minutes late on schedule, but you know, for the beautiful things we have to wait!

The sumptuous decorations in the church framed the touching ceremony, where the trembling voices of Francesco and Isabella have moved me. Some pictures taken outside the Basilica and we left again on the legendary T1 towards Villa Bernardini at Vicopelago, near Lucca.

At the Villa, outdoor, we found an elegant buffet with fancy arm chairs and sofas, where we photographed the first toasts to the couple, the wonderful food and the first real relaxed laughs of the newlyweds and guests. Obviously the dinner was nothing less and afterwards dancing and partying in the striking Limonaia crowned the night.

A wonderful day, class and fun perfectly fused together, thanks to Isabella and Francesco… Have a good trip!

wedding photographer Pisa Isabella + Francesco | Pure reportage

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