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Newborn photographer

I’m not an emotional man. Only those who have patience and are really curious can understand when and how I feel emotions.
I’m talking about real emotions, not anxiety. Of that maybe we’ll talk another time, in a separate chapter.

But today I would like to tell you a true emotion, which I had not felt for some time.

It’s been months since I was authorized to publish a photo shoot. Perhaps even more since the last time I was authorized to publish photographs of a newborn.

Very often in fact, when it comes to Newborn Photography, parents tend to protect the image of their children for fear that a professional photo shoot can drive some bad guys to their children. The most thoughtful, however, understand that it is a risk that does not exist, that no connection is made between the images and the parents’ name, kept as a professional secret, and that you have to “seize the moment” because the children change drastically within few days.

It is now known that the photo shoot for newborn must necessarily be performed within the first two weeks of newborn’s life, in order to be able to position them better and without stress during their rest. Before the 15 days they doze, they eat and perform their physiological functions at the least opportune moments. Later on, however, everything becomes incredibly more interesting for them, they are perfectly aware of the fact that they are not in their home, they understand without difficulty that the hands that caress them are not those of mum and dad, and they resign themselves to the fact that photographer is not provided with milk. Know also that over the 15 days they will make fun of any adult, they will ignore others wishes / prayers, and probably will not respect the expectations.

[Children who are presented as little angels are, as a rule, the nightmare of the professional photographer: they will never sleep, they will always be irritated, and to be able to deliver a photo shoot to parents you will have to resort to yoga only to be able to breathe]

For the “real” newborns, on the other hand, a lot of patience is needed, a study that becomes a Ferragostan beach, lots of milk and lots of patience (by chance I have already said that?).
With Cate, we were able to position and shoot quickly and efficiently.
For the first time in the team the result was exceptional. We have been able to exploit a lot of material reserved for my little ones: hats and covers from Friuli, wool from Wales flokati from Norway, wraps from Potenza and layers from England have followed each other with method and taste (much better than I ever did alone, but we all know that women have an extra gear in this).

So I thank the parents of this wonderful boy of 8 days for understanding my needs, and for coming back to me with their second child.

I always thought I had to do something that I really liked, and I chose to be a photographer. I know that my work will not guarantee me an excellent pension, or the security of arriving at the end of the month. But portraying people excites me every time.

Children are definitely my favorite subjects, seeing them so small and defenseless in my (great) hands, and maybe be able to grasp a smile while they dream blessed is that magic that in a moment makes everything run in the right way. Perhaps it is also a reason for pain worthy of an 80-year-old, but what counts is the result.

And this time the result is that I’m a happy photographer.

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