Wedding photography : Sardinia + Marche | Giulio + Claudia

At the end of April, in the middle of the raining season here in center Tuscany, I went to photograph a wedding with Annalisa, Dania and Michele at one of the funniest weddings I have ever been to.

Giulio, the very Sardinian groom, Claudia the wonderful bride from the Marche region dressed with a stunning hand-embroidered wedding gown and all their friends made this day absolutely unforgettable!

The wedding ceremony took place at Villa Borbone in Viareggio and the reception at La sterpaia Mansion, inside the fabulous San Rossore Park, Pisa.

We arrived in  the morning still wishing that the weather conditions could spear us but as soon as Claudia and her family arrived we realized that we had to find creative ways to use this rain that was about to drown us in our favor.

The ceremony at Villa Borbone went on warm and full of laughter, some inevitable group photos, some shots of the newlyweds in the historical rooms upstairs in the villa and we all moved to lunch at the typically Tuscan Poldino Restaurant inside the San Rossore Park.

During lunch the hilarious and playful act of the guests, especially the ones from Sardinia has turned things for the better: before we started eating we all laughed and joked around while Giulio was trying to take Claudia’s garter with his teeth, half way through lunch colorful wigs came out garnished with flowers from the center pieces and ties were used as bandanas. Big kitchen pots were used as drums and some of Giulio’s friends were going around the tables “selling” pieces of the his tie.

The fun couldn’t stop here: around 5 pm we moved to “La Sterpaia” were they organized a small reception with music, finger food and star-lights that we used as soon as they turned off the light on the dancefloor were we danced till we dropped.

For this wonderful and exhausting day I want to thank Giulio, Claudia, their families and all their friends for the mix of colors, traditions and accents, for the huge laughs that still make me smile.


Wedding made in Sardinia + Marche | Giulio + Claudia