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Wedding in Terricciola Francesca and Antonio

The Tuscan countryside, with its beautiful landscapes and charming small towns is the ideal setting for all kinds of celebrations, particularly for weddings and receptions.
The small town of Terricciola, despite its location which is far from the traditional countryside, has all the captivating features which give Tuscany its celebrity: a charming little Medieval town, green woods and vineyards all around it, all of this makes it a unique setting, a magic little postcard full evocative elements.
Here the wedding of Antonio e Francesca took place.
Antonio was a very old friend of mine and that’s why, despite having lost contact with each other since he moved to China to work, I was more than happy to comply when Caterina Testardi, the couple’s wedding planner, passed on to me their request to attend their wedding as a photographer.
The wedding day is a very long and complex journey which doesn’t include just the ceremony.
That’s why I was worried at first when the couple informed me that they didn’t want pictures of the preparation and of the stages preceding the ceremony itself.
By not recording those moments as well as all the others, I was afraid that the first, important chapters of their life together would be missing and the long-lasting memories of their wedding day would therefore somehow be incomplete.
Luckily I had the chance to meet both of them a few days before the wedding and I convinced them that a full photo shoot was the best way to go. It would allow me to make sense of my work by telling a story, their story, and it would allow them to preserve many precious memories as time would go by.
On the long-awaited day, the bride wasn’t feeling very well, therefore the amount of pictures dedicated to her were drastically reduced (though, not being very passionate about photo shooting in general, she wasn’t especially sorry for it).
I could instead get creative with the groom and the best men.
With their help and participation I was able to capture a carefree atmosphere with lots of unusual and funny moments.
After the ceremony there was a short break and after that, we all gathered at “La Spinetta” estate, a beautiful and charming vineyard, where the wedding planner Caterina had outdone herself by realizing an incredible setting up which turned the already beautiful location in the perfect wedding reception room. Great hall, exquisite food and amazing party.
The day was surely very busy and full of events, but definitely unforgettable.
Francesca and Antonio wedding in terricciola
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